Somatic Natural Movement

A Somatic Natural Movement coach will teach you how to uncover habituated holding patterns in your body. These patterns can produce pain, injury, compensatory tension in muscles, restrict vital flow through the soft tissue and organs of the body and affect your overall health and well-being.

Somatic natural movement uses small, slow movements with specific breath-work, movement exploration and discussion to enable you to re-learn how to accurately ‘feel and locate’, where your body may or may not be moving and then begin to understand why and how to change this.

You will return ‘natural human movements’ to your body, including the feet.

You will learn how to reset your nervous system by taking it from a ‘fight flight mode’ to the ‘rest and restore mode’ – vital for regeneration and healing.

You will have a better understanding of what your ‘habitual movement patterns’ are and thus you can start to reduce these patterns and prevent recurring problems.


A Somatic Natural Movement Session begins with an initial consultation to help you understand where, why and how issues in your body could be presenting themselves.  We discuss previous illness, injuries and life events, to a level that you are comfortable with.

We then begin to work on breathing and re-introducing some very small, basic natural movement patterns back to the deepest layers of your body. We ensure that the spine is moving in every direction it is meant to and we correlate this with looking at how the feet and hips are moving too. All movements learnt have plenty of adaptions to suit all needs, ages and abilities.

This can be a very powerful experience and sometimes cause you to feel extremely tired or light headed at the end of your session, so it is advisable to rest or take things easy afterwards.

I usually recommend at least 4-6 individual sessions to really begin to unravel, perhaps many years of held tension and stress in the body and mind, however, most people remark at the sensations of an instant relief from discomfort, physical and emotional and feeling much calmer and more relaxed overall.

Class descriptions

Pilates & Natural Movement - A blend of classical Pilates movements to increase range of movement for our joints & soft tissue, encouraging natural, functional movement to return to the body with a strong focus on foot mechanics and other movements such as crawling, squatting, bending, balancing and much more. 

Somatic & Natural Movement - A blend of Somatic release work, learning how the nervous system restricts us, you will learn how to reduce tension in restricted areas that cause pain, stiffness, inflammation all of which add to long term health issues due to lack of flow through the soft tissue. Natural movements can then be restored with less risk of recurring pain and injury. 

Somatic Healing - Learn how much Fear/Stress (from pain, trauma, illness, emotion, modern living and more) your body is holding and where that hides itself in your body. Learn how this fear/stress restricts your breathing and how by releasing the diaphragm and pelvic floor you can restore true function to your “core” muscles. You will reset the nervous system to  “rest & restore” or parasympathetic mode - being of paramount importance to strengthen our immune system and therefore improve overall health and wellbeing.

Studio Sessions

  • Individual sessions (45mins) Fee £45 per session

  • Small Group classes (max 6 people). Fee £65 per 6 week course

  • Booking is essential.

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