Somatic Movement & Handmade Natural Body Products

Victoria is a Somatic & Natural Movement Coach and an advocate of a natural lifestyle with over 20 years of teaching movement.

“Our birthright, as humans, is to move with ease, flow, power and pace, this is becoming endangered along with many other things in our modern world. If we can reverse the effects that the lack of natural movement in our body is having on our overall health and wellbeing, we will not only improve our health but we will restore the opportunity to stay physically active and healthy into our older years.

We must recognise that we are denying ourselves so much with the lack of movement our modern lifestyles are leading us to believe is

'normal’, thereby increasing our health risks and we must also realise that

we don’t need to be fit to move naturally, we need to move naturally to be fit”.

Victoria also makes Handmade Natural Body Products using all natural, vegan and organic ingredients grown by herself and her husband.